Volume 07 Issue 02



A Technical Review on Effect of Spray Angles and Characteristics for a Pintle Injector
Ankit Kumar Mishra, Janani Kavipriya. V.S | pp: 30-36 | Download Paper | Show Abstract

Abstract: The pintle injectors are one of the most important part also known as propellant injector is used in liquid rocket engines. This injector consists of movable pintle, annular nozzle, fuel injection port and a centre pintle nozzle. The spray phenomenon and flow characteristics resulting in formation of spray pattern shows out the effect of spray angles, droplet size and spray boundaries. Total momentum ratio (TMR) and spatial distribution of sprays plays a key role in order to influence the spray angles whereas opening distance, axial velocity and radial velocity is responsible for flow characteristics of injector. The review study of this paper is to show the influence of spray angles and characteristics such as flow as well as combustion on spray images, droplet size, momentum ratio, opening distance and SMD distributions which affect the injector geometry.


Development of Renewable Energy Based Bridge Safety Monitoring And Controlling System Using IoT
Shivam, Utkarsh Karwa, Kundan Kumar | pp: 37-42 | Download Paper | Show Abstract

Abstract: India is highly populated and there is a continuous need to focus on expanding the infrastructure and maintaining or renewing the old ones. One such example is roads and bridges. Every year; we come across news stating the collapsing of the bridge due to excessive load on it. Heavy load vehicles such as trucks, vans are the main reason for the excess weight on the bridge. Thousands of people lose their lives because of bridge collapse every year. This is an entirely avoidable disaster. To ensure the safety of people, we introduced a bridge monitoring system. This will be made possible with the help of the WIFI module, Arduino controller. To make it energy-efficient and pollution-free, we are using solar energy as the source of energy. The usage of the IoT module in the study will help in getting real-time data.